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SPOILER ALERT: This story contains details about the Season 1 finale of Fox’s The Big Leap.

The Season 1 finale of Fox’s The Big Leap offered its share of drama and happy endings for many of its characters on Monday night while leaving plenty of wiggle room to continue should the network choose to renew the series.

The Big Leap

THE BIG LEAP: Kevin Daniels
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The episode titled “We Make Our Own Light” picks up after Paula’s (Piper Perabo) untimely death in last week’s episode that saw the show within a show with no power and everyone left in the dark. Amid a mad dash to get the show back on track, Nick (Scott Foley) reveals he’s more than a soulless leach focused on personal gain—though it doesn’t last very long.

But the show must go on, as they say. The dance groups get creative with lighting options as Gabby (Simone Recanser), the white swan, shows that we can all be the heroes of our own story. The dance is also the catalyst for her and Reggie (Ser’Darius Blain) to begin work on their relationship again.

That happiness won’t last for long, however. It is revealed that Brittney (Anna Grace Barlow) is pregnant and she’s certain Reggie is the father. Leaving circumstances ripe for Nick to plan an epic Season 2 storyline between Gabby and Brittney (again) that will certainly lead to disaster for all involved.

The Big Leap

THE BIG LEAP: L-R: Simone Recasner and Ser’Darius Blain.
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Gabby agrees to return as a choreographer for Season 2, while Brittney has also accepted the task of breaking Gabby’s heart yet again.

Wile it is unknown yet whether Fox will renew The Big Leap for Season 2, the show’s freshman finale certainly leaves the door open for more.

This is also true for Mike (Jon Rudnitsky), who bravely took the stage sans his beloved wife Paula for a performance that left nary a dry eye in the house.

Other highlights include: Mike (Jon Rudnitsky) performing the number he practiced with Paula, leaving nary a dry eye in the house; Julia (Teri Polo) has decided to go through with her divorce and spend more time with her children; Justin (Raymond Cham Jr.) and Simon (Adam Kaplan) are back together after a quick split that nobody believed would stick; and Monica (Mallory Jansen) has her chance to dance after a hidden door accident leaves Brittney out of commission.


THE BIG LEAP: L-R: Raymond Cham Jr. and guest star Adam Kaplan.
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The Big Leap has been a modest linear ratings performer for Fox, and the finale aired amid uncertainty for the show’s future as Fox is yet to make a decision on a potential second season.

In an interview with Deadline, The Big Leap creator, executive producer and showrunner Liz Heldens breaks down the finale, teases what’s ahead and addresses the series’ renewal chances.

DEADLINE: Just when viewers think Nick isn’t beyond redemption, he proves he is soulless. Who hurt him? Would things have been different had he learned Monica is in love with him?

HELDENS: Nick had his heart broken in the finale! He got all caught up in the mission statement of the show within the show (which is also the mission statement of our show) which is that people need art and connectivity in their lives in order to thrive. He started to see himself as an artist instead of a sleazy reality show producer. That all comes crashing down when he hears what Monica really thinks of him (and misses the B side of that conversation where she realizes she loves him). He reverts to what he knows best… being a sleazy reality show producer and using Brittney’s pregnancy to set up Gabby for heartbreak in season 2. As a showrunner, I can relate.

DEADLINE: The Season 1 finale sets up where you could go if the show gets another season. Can you share an update? Are you planning for more just yet?

HELDENS: We are very hopeful about a season two! The show does well on Hulu, the cast is spectacular, it’s been well received and people who find the show really love it.

DEADLINE: Gabby almost gets the perfect ending, and I hate thinking what learning Brittany’s secret will do to her. Why not allow her to live happily ever after—with Reggie or otherwise? Or is that maybe the long term plan?

HELDENS: I don’t think Gabby’s story ends with finding a man. We felt the same way about Julia’s arc this season for what it’s worth. I’m super invested in the Gabby-Reggie relationship but I’m also interested in her journey as a choreographer. That said… yeah, Brittney’s pregnancy is going to be a huge obstacle next season and create a lot of drama for everyone.

DEADLINE: The Big Leap’s final tribute to Paula through that final dance was beautiful. If the show were to return for more, do you see Mike’s story continuing on in some way? After the Season 1 finale, his story feels complete.

HELDENS: Jon Rudnitsky is so talented and funny and relatable! We have plenty for him to do in the future. He’s still grieving Paula. With him it’s about staying connected and active and not falling into depression.

DEADLINE: If the show doesn’t continue, what do you hope viewers take from Season 1?

HELDENS: I hope the show will continue! But I think what Paula says in her last video to Mike in episode 110 sums it up: “Do stuff with people. That’s what life is.”


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