Kanye West tells Chris Smoove he doesn’t know cost of outfit



The first rule of high-price fashion is — you don’t talk about the high price.

Aside from a $200,000 watch, billionaire rapper Kanye West claims he doesn’t know the cost of one of his recent outfits.

West, seen in the video with social media personality Chris Smoove, refused to say when asked the cost of his hat, sunglasses, hoodie, shoes and Balenciaga bag — an item which by itself can be above $2,000.

Smoove, known for his “How Much Does Your Fit Cost” videos, probes West throughout the video about the cost of his outfit.

“I don’t know,” West responded.

His appearance came just ahead of ex-wife Kim Kardashian’s “Saturday Night Live” hosting gig. He’s reportedly been helping Kardashian prepare for the role.

Kanye West with social media personality Chris Smoove.
Kanye West with social media personality Chris Smoove.

West is often known to dabble in the world of high-priced fashion. He dropped his $90 “perfect hoodie” with Gap in September. The release came just months after Yeezy released a $200 puffer jacket with the company in June.

Smoove filmed the fashion quiz with West during the rapper’s Friday visit to New Canaan, Connecticut’s Grace Farms “humanitarian and cultural center,” according to Page Six.


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