‘Damn right I’m a sore loser’: Bills’ Micah Hyde reflects on fiery exchange with reporter following loss to Patriots



Bills safety Micah Hyde reflected on a heated postgame exchange with a reporter following the 14-10 loss to the Patriots on Monday night.

As both Hyde and safety Jordan Poyer answered questions during the postgame press conference, WIVB reporter Jerry Sullivan triggered a heated response. Hyde addressed the fiery comments he made on Wednesday and stated that he feels frustrated with another loss. He also explained that he feels everyone in the locker room should feel like a “sore loser.” 

“This even goes back to the postgame stuff,” Hyde told reporters, via video by News4Buffalo’s Heather Prusak. “Damn right I’m a sore loser. Show me a sore loser and I”m going to show you a winner. We want to win. Everybody in this locker room should be a damn sore loser.” 

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During the press conference, Sullivan asked Hyde and Poyer if they were embarrassed to lose to a team that only attempted to pass the ball three times. As both Poyer and Hyde appeared puzzled after the question, Hyde responded, “What are we doing, bro?” Poyer went on to respond by saying the Patriots have “good backs,” but then explained that he wasn’t sure how to answer the question. 

“That’s funny, we’ll remember that,” Hyde said after Poyer attempted to answer the question.

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“It’s all about respect,” Hyde said to Sullivan as he got up to leave the podium. “I come here every single week and I answer your questions and truthfully, honestly, I appreciate you guys. Don’t do that, don’t do that.” 

The Bills (7-5) have been unable to execute back-to-back wins since they ended a four-game win streak with a 34-31 loss to the Titans on Oct. 18. The most recent loss to the Patriots also cost Buffalo the chance at becoming leaders in the AFC East. The Bills are scheduled to face the Buccaneers this Sunday. Both Hyde and Poyer will have another crack at the Patriots on Dec. 26. 

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