Judy Woodruff:

The Washington Post and others had reported that Colonial Pipeline refused to pay a ransom to reopen the line.

The Interstate 40 Bridge over the Mississippi River was closed today and official said repairs could take months. On Tuesday inspectors found a crack in a main support beam of the bridge linking Arkansas and Tennessee. The closure forced thousands of cars and trucks to detour today and also shut down shipping on that part of the river.

Border Patrol agents encountered fewer migrant children along the Southern border in April. The number traveling without adults eased to just over 17,000. That is still well above the old record. Overall, migrant crossings, including adults, rose 3 percent. We will hear more after the news summary.

Partisan fireworks sparked today at a U.S. congressional hearing on the Capitol assault last January. Republican lawmakers played down the violence that day by Trump supporters.

Democrats tore into Christopher Miller, the former acting secretary of defense, for waiting too long to send in troops.


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